“You can clean without disinfecting, but you can’t disinfect without cleaning.”

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Valued Customers,
COVID-19 has seriously impacted our small business and the availability of the products we offer. As a result we have disabled the checkout function of the website. Hard Surface wipes and Hand Wipes remain on backorder. Products we do have in inventory include limited amounts of:
Prep Pads

B10800 Prevantics
B40600 PVP Prep
S41350 PVP Swabs
Hygea Care

A500F48 Flushables
D35185 BZK Towelettes
D74800 OB Towelettes

J14143, J22750, J14108, U12095 Multi Purpose Washcloths

B16400 Adhesive Tape Remove
D41900 Castile Soap Towelettes
D25431 See Clear Eye Glass Cleansing Wipes
C22370 Sterile Saline Towelettes
Hand Wipes

P71520 Sani Hands Bedside Packs

Our Company Mission

Horns Medical was established in 1995 to provide high-quality medical products to individuals. Most products were previously only available through distributors in large quantities. We are able to provide you with smaller amounts of these quality products through an arrangement with one of the leading manufacturers in the business, PDI.

The Horns Medical Promise

Our promise is to deliver fast, friendly and reliable service. We will help individuals find the right product to fit their needs.